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The School of Life teaches us we are meant to be in a constant and enjoyable growth process, are you able to claim this sensation and right? Fully, and ready to defend it against all odds? After experiencing connection with yourself, you won't be able to do otherwise. You are meant to find it and build a path to the pyramid of your truth. This is Holy Shiver.

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Meet the person behind Holy Shiver...

During the pandemic, Alessandra took the time to reflect on what was important to her. What turned out to be finding inner peace, self-love, quieting that voice we don't need and never miss. To overcome the changes and the times, she began to write meditations. Now she shares her meditations and book with others to support them in their own life transitions. 

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We provide guided meditations to fit your lifestyle, with the availability to listen to them anywhere and anytime. If you would like have a more personal experience with Alessandra, join us at one of our healing ceremonies. 

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Guided Meditations

Meditations are themed around a specific topic you may be stuck on in your development. Sometimes we need a bit of help to unblock ourselves. Who knows, you might just change your life!



Alessandra is also the author of Desperado: A Little Book to Support You Through Harder Times. 


Now available on Amazon in all marketplaces.

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Corporate Experiences

As the evolution of this global economy continues, more than ever it is important for employees and companies to remain energetically aligned with themselves and the company mission. 


A New Banana

Alessandra is the author of A New Banana: Unpeel YourSelf and Elevate your Relationships. 


Now available on Amazon in all marketplaces.


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