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Corporate Offerings

We offer a range of tiered offerings designed to support employees' physical, mental, and emotional well-being within the workplace. Services include brief transformational talks to address specific emotional and operational needs, energy reset meditations for large conference gatherings, and private workshops and retreats. 

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Energy Reset Meditations (ERM)

Powerful meditations and energetic attunements for employees to find relief and mental clarity. These immersive experiences generate a frequency of focus, recalibrating the energy and enhancing the manifestation of a number of objectives. Perfect for starting or ending conferences or large gatherings of people.

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Custom Workshops & Retreats

Tailored workshops for general or specific departments that include exercises to increase focus, cultivate resilience in the face of challenge, relaxation techniques, breathwork, and mindfulness practices to seamlessly integrate into the workday, promoting a culture of well-being, productivity and discovery. For thriving workspaces and companies in transition.

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Quick Pep-Talks are hundreds of 5-15 minute expertly developed on-demand meditations readily available for employees to connect to themselves during the workday, in structured sequence filled with neutral advice, customized for three interconnected environments: Personal, Work and Social.


In difficult moments we forget that the answer is within ourselves.

We could all use some guidance to remind ourselves how not to lose sight of what matters and as we bring benefit to ourselves, we bring benefit to all those around us. Including our companies and work environment.

When we are not working at our best, it might not be due to lack of skill or talent, we could be stressed, under confident, unhappy and unbalanced.


By facing each little moment head on, we greatly improve the greater life experience where inner satisfaction and outer performance are enhanced.

Corporate Benefits include:

Higher Retention

More Psychological Safety

Peak Performance

Healthy Communication

Higher Satisfaction and Participation

Stress Management

Boosted Confidence

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