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Exclusive Meditation Services

" Very unique meditations, uncommon, unconventional, helpful and powerful. Alessandra's voice melts down your blockages. You are in the zone immediately. Outstanding."

Custom Guided Meditation - Live €99

Possibility to have a partner in the case of dealing with a joint issue. Based on your responses to a questionnaire, birthday numerology and channeled guidance, we will host a special guided meditation session, and recorded for your future needs.




Guided Meditation + Coaching Call €199

First we will have a call to get to know one another, we will do some energy work to remove the cogs and whatever may be getting in the way. Recommendations on how to enhance lifestyle based on goals will be arranged, following with a custom guided one hour meditation session at the end of the first week. 



Custom Guided Meditation Series €699.00

Following a one-hour session and discovery call, we will explore the current phase of growth in your life, what your higher self is looking to teach you, in combination with your goals, in order to produce custom guided meditation set of twelve tracks (to be listened to daily, each new week) will be created to help you move through this phase with ease.


Custom Guided Meditation Series + Coaching €1299.00

Over the course of six weeks we will dive into what is currently blocking you, energetically and practically. Based on our sessions, a custom guided meditation set of twelve tracks (to be listened to daily each week) to strengthen the growth and initiation process into a successful transformation. Package includes six coaching sessions with energy work to expedite and enhance the learning process. 

Get in Touch

For any direct questions or comments, please feel free to contact Alessandra on Instagram @Holy_Shiver or through the contact forms on our website.

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