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QPTs - Quick Pep Talks

Uplifting meditative pep-talks, inspiring confidence in self, connection with others, transforming stress, a boost to start the day, a break from a long day, relaxing guided meditations and chats, tips and universal connection... all in the comforting voice of a colleague. 

These powerful talks are proven to completely transform and take the listener to a different place in the quantum field, where solutions beyond the present situation are abundantly and creatively available. 


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QPT™s (Quick Pep Talks) are a series of 10-15 minute expertly developed journeys, in structured package sequence filled with neutral non judging advice, customized for three interconnected environments:


Personal Development

Social Experiences



Even if you are on the go, you can still reach a level of calming, on par with the transformative effects of traditional meditation. Divided into categories (more than one may apply):


Lying down

At the desk

Before making an important decision



Training (Sales Mindset etc.)


Coaching Videos

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QPT Methodology

QPT™s are 5-15 minute talks that follow a specific structure which can be leveraged through the use of AI and human touch.

Each QPT is structured in the following way:

1-2 min connection to ground (body-mind tuning into the experience, breathing)


2 min description/validation of topic/circumstance (specific to the QPT)


2 minutes positive perspective/possibilities


2 minute connection to something greater Universal Law/Higher Self


1-2 minutes of silence for self reflection/insights


1-2 minutes of bringing it all together


This is possible using pre-qualified inputs of previously vetted Holy Shiver concepts in each category.

And later, quotes and phrases sourced by the dev team.


Meditate 30 minutes per day; if you don't have time, 60 minutes.

- Anonymous

Not everyone can justify meditating 30 minutes per day. Certainly not many of those who need it most.


Though meditation is known to have tremendous mental and physical benefits, our goal is to fine-tune and customize the experience and impart similar benefits in the day-to-day lives of employees coping with real-life situations who wouldn't normally be inclined to access these benefits. Including the workplace and the truly personal, as they are deeply interconnected. When one side is out of balance, the other suffers, and by consequence, so do the people around it.


While there are valuable competing options like self-help gurus and books, they tend to be prescriptive, one-size fits all, simplistic and lack connection with the company itself.


QPT™s are designed with the company's vision and values, empowering employees to find their own answers by consistently connecting them to their core selves and inviting them to come up with their own answers from a light, abundant and healthy space.

Additionally, they are frequency boosting which means when an employee has a goal that needs to be met, and is able to connect to it from a pure place, manifestation of this goal is more likely once it has been witnessed and seen in the quantum realm.

we would love to work with you in one of the following ways


Custom program developed for the Company, with the Company.

QTP™ packages for teams and culture/industry appropriate winning mindset.

(All rights reserved to the Company.


Full or select access to Holy Shiver's meditation arsenal.

Company connects system to Holy Shiver platform and all basic programs included. 


Retail Custom meditation program developed according to partner needs and client platform.

All rights reserved to the company. Option for White Listing.

WHO Benefits?

People who struggle with beginning.

It takes time and patience to see the benefits of meditation.

People who don't want to meditate.

Sitting in silence for 10-15 minutes can seem unsettling to the untrained mind, which fills that time with more thoughts. (This is perfectly normal and good, though many stop because of this, even less motivated to ever start again.)


People needing relief, in a way that is more approachable to how they process solutions and results in their world.

Each QPT™ is expertly developed to specifically address a particular pain-point, block or growth opportunity for a person's happiness in a particular area of life while maintaining the person anchored to a relaxed and neutral state.


QPT chats are efficient and beneficial, with an element of meditation and an element of therapy/thinking prompts, serving as a gateway to those who may choose to later approach meditation.


When we are not working at our best, it might not be due to lack of skill or talent, we could be stressed, under confident, unhappy and unbalanced.


By facing each little moment head on, inner satisfaction and outer performance are enhanced.


When we feel good, we make better choices for ourselves and perform at top shape from a great energy. One of the benefits of guided QPT™s (Quick Pep Talks) is to help achieve optimal performance, remove tension and empower change for the better. Starting from the inner voice and individual practices.

Corporate Benefits include:









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