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A Trip to the ER

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Good morning and Grand Rising!

Within minutes of waking up today, I found myself in the most ridiculous predicament. As I took a q-tip to my right ear (I know, I know- not recommended anymore), the cotton part fell off into the canal and as I tried to remove it, it went deeply down to a place I, nor the pharmacist could reach it.

I am now at the Emergency Room, and what an experience this is proving to be. I arrived and the stretcher before me had a person who had peed themselves, the people here all have their own unique stories. From all walks of life: this is the real microcosm of the world. This is the real representation of a city, in this case Milan. An older gentleman reading his newspaper, a homeless man possibly sleeping here for lack of alternative, the Ethiopian couple on the phone with the embassy, the Latin American woman with colorful sneakers. Someone with a broken arm, someone without shoes, another person on a stretcher, And me; with a ball of cotton in my ear.

Hardly an emergency, I wonder how much longer I will be here.

It sort of smells like feces, I am trying to ignore it because on the bright side I am sitting furthest away from it and I can charge my phone from this part of the wall.

Overall I feel a very immense sense of gratitude for my life, this stark realization that I was living in a bubble. A beautiful bubble of positive vortexes of happiness and attractions to the things that work for me. I hardly remembered how difficult life could be. The spirals we can go down if we don’t stop ourselves from slipping further and further. And help is needed.

Thank you life, for bringing me here today to see. Whatever this teaches me further than this moment, I welcome it.

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