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New Year Reflections

This year has been a whirlwind in the most incredibly varied ways. I've had more shifts and breakthroughs in one year than in my whole life. Surely I am not the only one to feel this way. The cool part is I am no longer rattled by them, I've delevoped a taste, an acceptance for intensity and discomfort. When it happens, I welcome it now. I'm interested.

I say, Oh! Ok life; I see the mountain to get to the next objective. Let's learn something new.

And the mountain to the objective can be random. It can be a test of self, or physical strength, of courage to act, to exist, it can include being ready to take flights, change trips, and be open to meeting stimulating people. When you start to pick up on energy, you no longer question things, you feel them. Then you have a responsibility. Saying Yes is strong and trusting, and saying No is equally so. Will this stray me or get me closer to my destiny?

Have the fierce conviction that every moment one is on a path, is the path. Walk solidly in each step whether it leads to success or to a lesson. Both are the same. Carlos Castaneda taught us every path is only a path and every path leads to no where.

Have the courage to build the world you want to see, starting with yourself. Be the energy as it flows in your favor.

This doesn't mean life is always easy... but things will be in your favor. Once you know the most honorable course of action, what else is there to do but to take that moment and ride it well? Even in the little things. But of course also the big things. Conviction. Trust. Humor. Open heart.

What's better? Not doing the courageous hard thing? Watching the world break down around you as the negative begins to pile up? We can remain stuck in the same problem for years because we allow ourselves to stay falsely tethered to it, we stop remembering our chance at bravery. Too painful to think about. Not realizing, if only we jumped and trusted. If we truly caught the wave of courage in the right time, that's it baby! We are held.

Have a good heart and you will be held.

Happy 2023. May we keep growing with the flow, close the cycles, and

"May we continue to have the courage to build the world we want to see".

- Iritah Shenmira Naba.


How about you? What are Your reflections? :)

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Very good wisdom in this meditation! Thanks a lot, from heart to heart and spirit to spirit💫💫💫 may Mother Earth guide our steps and bless our actions in 2023🧞‍♂


Replying to

💫💫💫 The Universe has spoken ✨🙏🏼


Beatrice Van BEVER
Beatrice Van BEVER
Dec 31, 2022

May good things flow your way in this New Year dear Alessandra!!!

Replying to

Thank you Beatrice!!! May it flow back to you and through the world, to up above and down below! 💫😊

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