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Contemporaneous Sunset
Refraction Alliance

Join the Experience


You are cordially invited to join us on a journey of Sunsets.

In a world of diverse cities, backgrounds, and cultures, we all share in the magical experience of a Sunset. It's beautiful and it's free.

Our goal is to gather at least 100 people, to contemporaneously take a photo of the sunset, from wherever they are in the world, on the 31st of July, 2024.

It's also a chance to plan a memorable evening with someone special.

All we ask is that you sign up, and take a photo of the sunset any way you'd like on July 31st from your particular location on Earth.

When you submit the photo, please include the city, country and one word or phrase that the sunset energy inspired in you. 

The power of this collective and intentional experience, will fuel the start of an artistic composition which you will also be a part of.

Spread the word. Sign up, and stay tuned.  

Rest assured there will be a reminder email. ​​


Sign Up Here

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Contemporaneous Sunset
Refraction Alliance


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