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What would you do? A melodramatic, non consequential, narrative of my afternoon dilemma.

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Hello to you, having an afternoon. I am here to offer a ridiculous dilemma I find myself in today. It is symbolic to the degree at which you choose.

After spending much needed time recharging with family, I have been having a marvelous day to myself.

It started off with a fierce sense of purpose in the morning, to move my bed to face South East. I had slept that way in Paris at my mother's, and after discovering this, I don't think I can ever sleep in any other direction again.

Moving my bed may have involved body contortions of various forms, and gliding on the floor in sweatpants to slide the closets around, but it was worth it. I feel great about everything about this new positioning.

In the time being, it became noon and I decided to order some delivery.

A sweet offer swayed me into ordering Indian food and at the last minute, I won my own debate and allowed myself to get a coke zero (if you know you know). I was excited to see it would be arriving within the next 30 minutes.

During my excitement I started a laundry load, and continued various, long-due organizing activities. But upon the food's delivery, I noticed the most dreadful mundane mistake, my coke zero was missing. Quel désastre!

I immediately called the New Delhi restaurant and explained the predicament. They said they would bring it to me soon. After about 40 minutes of waiting, nothing, so I called back and the owner said he was busy, that I should come get it from them, before 2.30. Calm but grr. I explained that this was not possible because the whole purpose of my online order was for me in fact not to leave my house. He made it seem like I was making a big deal but finally we agreed he would bring it to me at 3, because he was indeed very, very, busy. I said okay, but now you bring me two!

At around 3:22 no one had shown up at my house. Mind you, I recognize it is a silly privilege to be able to let this situation entertain me, I literally have no reason to leave the house today. Nothing to lose, only cokes to gain. I call again, this time I ask the owner his name, Sidgar or Cigar, Sagar says he will definitely bring me the cokes at 6PM.

I ask him, what would have happened if I had not called? Would he have let me know? Ceydgar pretended not to understand the question.

What would you have done? For a few brief moments I asked myself whether I had taken this too far. The place is at .2 km from my house, should I just get dressed and go grab the cokes personally? Less than a 5 minute walk. If I truly needed them, of course. But this is a situation of principle.

If I do go, I'll get 3!

UPDATE: i went to get them myself at 5:42 PM, stared him straight in the eye and took 3 cokes.

End of the afternoon dilemma.

Great food by the way.

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2 則留言

Well. The enlightened coach would perhaps also add, "Dear Mr. Ceydgar, I don't know why you are behaving this way with me. You must have problems of your own. I now draw a sacred line between you and me. I will no longer contact you. I will buy my Coke elsewhere. I send you love. I really do. And I now go on with my life. I hope you do the same. So it is. Namaste. Lovely food btw”.

Alessandra Veronesi
Alessandra Veronesi

Thank you for this reflection, above duality and choosing love. 🕊

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