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What about Mercury Retrograde?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Tomorrow the 29th of December, marks the next phase of Mercury going into Retrograde. Or as I like to simply call it, going into Mercury.

We go into Mercury about 4 times per year, (sometimes 3, starting in 2024) and it lasts about 20-24 days. It's a time for resting, allowing the answers to come to us, but not believing in their finality. Just watch them come to you, one little micro information at a time, until the shades are lifted at the end of this period!

Try not to make any major decisions during the retrograde, and that is because everything is jumbled and figuring itself out up in the sky - therefore, also below it. Do allow the pieces to fall. Best not to start a new job, new relationship, sign contracts or go into major agreements as they could turn out to be the opposite of what you imagined. Do not buy major technology, or make large purchases if you can avoid it, you will avoid twisted surprises as well. If you cannot avoid signing anything, triple check with a detailed lens and try to keep things as flexible as possible.

What can you do?

Ceremonies. Taking time to do a healing ceremony with plant medicine is a great way to look within yourself. You can also give birth. Babies born or conceived during retrograde have no problems and some believe are even a bit immune to the phenomena. Any concept or project you had started prior to Mercury retrograding is super fair game as well. This is your time to get cozy and researchy about it. Keep the balls running on the races you had already begun competing in. Don't start new ones. Be patient as you will notice flights, transportation, all these things get delayed. Communicate clearly and try to keep your emotions neutral. Or delay them from being expressed, take space for the answers to arrive later and relax about it.

Above all, release. Shed your layers and prepare for the fog to lift at the end of January. Mercury goes direct on January 19th, but you want to pad this with 10 extra days, both before and after. You can get your pen and credit cards out more seriously on January 29th.

Don't forget while it's not so treatcherous, you will have moments you believe you are immune to it! Its ok! Things can always go okay. But be open to surprises and notice the fun in them ;) humble and honor yourself.

People like to give Mercury Retrograde a bad rep, but it's one of my favorite times as resting, spending time with friends and putting ourselves first become more normalized. Saying no is great, and getting to know ourselves calmly, softly, and openly with no expectation for aggressive outcome, is heavenly. Keep building your life.

Happy Mercury Retrograde. I'm going to make myself a hot tisane.

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