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The Path

What is the path and where does it lead anyway?

Anywhere and Nowhere! Isn’t that liberating?

We are meant to live in complete peace and liberation from our own specific restraints towards achieving it.

The way we go about it is perfectly plotted in the stars yet unscripted in the conventional ways we think this world runs on. Anything goes once you get comfortable in your own boat.

One day we give meaning and priority to material realization, and that consumes us. Another day we give obsession to romantic relationships, finding one, rekindling one, escaping one, and that consumes us. Then we look at our bodies and hold impossible standards thinking we must sculpt them to perfection, and that consumes us. Sometimes we experience all sufferings at once! And if we’ve resolved these major things, perhaps we look at our own minds, or numb them, criticizing the things we say, and it’s also not good enough.

The irony is we think these ridiculous hoops are what will bring us to peace and liberation. We think, look at me, today I got up early like a soldier to work out, I put on a suit, and I talked about deals with other people who also worked out and ate lots of protein for breakfast. And let’s see who has the biggest roar, and who can show the least emotion, and who is the last one to take off their jacket in this hot, unconscious meeting room.

Over and over again we starve ourselves from looking inward because maintaining outward appearances takes all our time. It’s exhausting. We might go our whole lives ticking boxes we’ve implicitly agreed to call success. Are we happy? Are we enjoying these situations and striving for them?

I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression, there is nothing wrong with playing along in the puzzle of life and creating little hoops for ourselves to jump through such as flawless morning routines and meaningful careers. The difference is what motivates us to do it. Are we truly whole inside first and doing all that on top because we love ourselves? Then we carry ourselves differently into the meeting, then we present ourselves differently to meet our Beloved companions, then we treat our relationships with our bodies and food from a place of abundant satisfaction. Then we forget the judgment. And when we no longer carry the weight of our judgment, we gift others with the lightness of our own self acceptance and we invite them to do the same.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy comfortable luxurious experiences and I am here to report that I was not any happier than when I was barefoot in the grass around a fire with dirt in my toenails. Have you ever felt completely satisfied with yourself and who you were at a given moment? It’s not about the outside. Look inside, don’t even think about what you think it should look like. The moment you do something because you think it should be so is the moment you miss the boat to your own shore. Allow the river to flow, you just worry about the comfort of your boat and steering along your way.

Beloved, please listen:

It is not wise to compare your life to that of others, for each life stream is unique and is the expression of pure spirit and being. Know within your heart that your life is tailor-made for awakening in response to the will of the Supreme Being.

Even if great hardship comes your way, don’t complain, judge or fall into self-pity. Don’t waste energy like this. Rather, use these same difficulties and circumstances to sharpen your powers of discernment and to intensify your drive for liberation and freedom from all psychological conditioning and evil forces. You are here as life itself flowing towards its own divine source. Regard your life as auspicious.

- Mooji

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