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The Game of Life

I've had the fortunate opportunity to place my footsteps onto many, many different lands lately.

Traveling around the world like a dreidel spinning on a map has been exhilarating and has invited me to discover perspectives that perhaps I hadn't noticed before.

More and more it seems clear that there are two aspects to life on this beautiful Earth. On the one hand, life is a dream, as I see it, among us and our man-made projects, a videogame where we are all merely players leveling up, and up and up. We learn how to interact, how to navigate our emotions, how to provide for ourselves, how to dress ourselves, and how to exist in our constructed societies. And on the other, we have what is real, Nature herself, a place we do not need to level up or down from, where we exist and that is enough, a Tree offers balance and a cool rock, restores connection to our true state of wellness, billions of years in the silent making to show us the completion and neutrality we are entitled to be a part of in the Universe.

You can close your eyes to the game and spend your entire life connecting deeply to loving Mother Earth and all that she has to offer, and that is beautiful and better than staying only in the videogame, but is that all you got right now?

Will you also escape from the emotional discomforts that turn into personal growths? Close your eyes to the socio-economic disparities and political religious protests that call upon active resolution? Will you not create good jobs, fight the bad jobs, pay the taxes, help the refugees, acknowledge the homeless, fight the corruption? All the problems and systemic challenges were created while we were in the videogame, if we escape, they will not just go away.

You can also close your eyes to Nature, and remain in the videogame, lead a superficial life, chase that dollar, leveling up and leveling up, or get stuck on a level, suffering and suffering, without ever knowing the unconditional love you are rightful to receive through genuine connection to Nature's access to the nonmaterial realm.

Right now, very few of us are meant to simply clock out and lead a non-material life in Nature. Right now. One day yes, one day this is the point. We will all be enough to the extent that we have healed ourselves and bring light to the world, in support of one another. Deep down we are magical beings, and those of us who recognize this, hello, I see you. Let us keep reading. Right now, though, I need you to hold this thought because it is too soon.

Monks, llamas, indigenous leaders, shamans and roadmen, they are our pillars and guides to the truth, portals into the peace and tranquility we are rightfully entitled to outside of the videogame. They are like anchors and captains.

Few people came here with such a clean slate where suffering was not needed. We literally asked for suffering, and to heal the karmic past to grow. To solve the videogame.

So, when problems happen and blocks to our successes, and embarrassments that feel like unsurmountable mountains, these are here to help us get stronger in playing the game. To get wiser, less affected, to help us neutralize and find peace. Because the game is won this way, in peace and healing. It's important to try not to pause the growth of the game or else we won't have time in one lifetime to complete it.

For charging our energy and perspective we go to nature and mystical healing, but this does not mean we should stop all things and become isolated, forest dwelling non-contributors to what is happening in the world. The world needs everyone to wake up and understand! First understand self-love, inner peace, consciousness. Then, understand how to do things from this place, creating projects from this state, negotiations from this state, distributing new products and services from this place, so that the rippling effects are of open hearted benevolent, pure and transparent intention.

It's balance. Some will feel this calling more strongly which will make up for those who feel it less. We can rest when this life is done, and we go back to the Universe where we have everything we need. Once we are there we might say, It all seemed so simple from here. Sign me up for a new life, I promise I will help more. Because it is simple! Though not easy.

Little by little we can help bring the world to a good place, it's like when you take out a mortgage but can only afford a 3% deposit. The first 10 years you spend paying the insurance back for the risk, and right now, in this video game of life, our combined efforts to play are generating coins to pay the insurance back dearly, but slowly, over time, we'll stop having to pay so much insurance and start to see our own equity come back to us. Then we will have earned the home we live in, and we will treat her well, because she is our home, this Mother Earth. She has given us life.

So! We are all healers, and we are meant to raise one another up in this life, whether through the frequencies and vibrations generated by our state of wellness, or with actual action that has seen both sides of the coin and chosen to stay in the videogame to help others get out. Help yourself first, to then help others. Enjoy, but don't relax yet!


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