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Learning When to Say No

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In the Infinite School of Life, the series of revelations one might have include the real shift that happens when one learns to say No, purposefully.

When you learn to say no beyond the short term rewards of satisfying the need to be safe (monetarily) and accepted (socially), it opens and frees up areas you would have never had room for. Ones that are meant for you, and if you trust in your ability to discern, you will be safe (monetarily) and accepted (socially) from a new place of authenticity.

Even if something seems wonderful, and shiny, and ''I'd be stupid to say no'', you might tell yourself, I would like to gift you an analogy to help you decide. Because you should always trust your gut. This analogy was given to me by my incredible friend, teacher, healer and confidante Envita Rose Hasler during one of our many, sometimes daily life strategy conversations. I was deciding whether or not to hire a particular editor for my book. Though he was impressive, I something felt off and I was having trouble justifying saying No.

Envita: What's a food you've always despised?

Alessandra: Cilantro.

Envita: Imagine someone prepared a beautiful bowl of cilantro soup for you, and a cilantro salad, and cilantro cake using the best recipes and cilantros in the world. Would that be appealing for you?

Alessandra: No. Of course not.

Envita: Ok; then why would you say yes to this?

Even if the opportunity is remarkable, the offer seems amazing, the person is splendid, is it a michelin starred meal bowl of cilantro? Can you give yourself permission to let it go and make room for yourself?

Allow yourself to always choose what's right for you, your path, your purpose and growth missions.


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