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New Beginnings

As our dear brother Rumi once said,

Don’t regret what’s happened. If it's in the past; let it go. Dont even remember it!

If you’re ready for a major life change, make a major life decision to let go of anything that doesn’t feel like a warm winter soup coating your belly on an autumn day. Do not settle for anything less than sheer joy, let the Universe surprise you with graceful changes for the better. Make room by releasing without fear or attachment because only when you make real room can things come through.

New beginnings can happen every day, we can choose to take a cold Wimhof bath and start off with a fresh juice extract instead of coffee and a brioche, but who really is ready to do this? Or it's equivalent in another representation?

The questions we should ask ourselves are, am I making the internal shift to create true growth-focused beginnings? Am I connected and grounded to my own body? Am I doing it with love for myself first that radiates outward? With intention? With purpose? Am I trying to control anything? Am I able to recognize and incorporate the infinite resources around me and within me?

And most importantly, am I willing to be uncomfortable in the process of shedding layers to become someone new? To be surprised and open about every single new thing that comes my way, trusting that something even better is waiting around the corner.

We might think we are doing everything to expect the blessings of this Universe, and yet, perhaps we are still sabotaging ourselves from the glorious unknown that has no room to come in until we allow it. We need not let go of everything, even just a little will come back with high returns.

What helps you stay relaxed about it all is a gentle knowing to remain in a state of magical wonderment about how what you desire already exists in the future. There is really nowhere to get to. Just be! Grab it. Let go of perfection. Good enough is divine. Forget the past, there is nothing to process when you feel good in this moment. Embrace the open slate of new beginnings.

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Paolo Bertolero
Paolo Bertolero
Dec 09, 2022

A great dose of daily wisdom! The fuel you need to power your day and make it shine 🙌 thank you for this holy shiver! keep it up✌🙏

Replying to

Thanks Paolo! You’re the best 🌟🙌

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