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Message of the Day - 25.11.22

As we walk our path in life, the tendency to attach ourselves to situations that yield to a potential desired outcome happens automatically, without us noticing. We may even call it planning. We make choices to support unguaranteed goals and we become attached to a possibility which may or may not ever get materialized.

It's a careful balance. For example, it makes sense of course to apply for a job and wait to see if we get the interview, but what if while we are waiting to hear from that job, we receive an offer for something else? Something new, and wild and differently even better. Most people reading this will say, of course go interview for the second opportunity, and of course take the alternative job if it turns out to be better!

Yes, that is easy to see. When we remove emotions, it is easy to understand the example.

Putting all our eggs in a basket for a future possibility that may never occur, remaining tethered to a mere chance of something happening that is outside of our control, is not so empowering and might never lead to the satisfaction we thought it would.

Now, take a person who has looked forward to visiting their crush for weeks, someone that may like them too but lives very far away. They have a great time together, and the story is more complicated than it sounds, they might say to their friends. Suddenly a choice must be made though. Life has given them a curveball, a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to travel to an event which supports them in their future. It will be expensive to switch plans, but it's calling, and they would 1000% go for it if they did not already have these plans.

Should they go visit their crush? Or go for the new opportunity that is dangling in front of them? Can't they have both? If both are meant to be, there are plenty of ways to make it work.

Make choices for yourself, in the present moment with the information that is in your current flow. Do not be afraid to untether yourself from all the incomplete stories you are holding out for, because there are real and true and aligned opportunities which are exactly the ones for you, happening right in front of you all the time if you open your eyes and take them.

Decisions made even with the most honorable intentions towards a hopeful future you are invested in but cannot predict could turn out to be a high-ticket price to pay in exchange for an incredible opportunity for growth in the present. Looking back, you may realize you had made a sacrifice made for no apparent need.

What to choose? Stop your life for something that might be, if only you waited a little longer... or go for something unexpectedly perfect NOW that comes your way, which requires you to make quick moves, and learn jazz cowbells in response to notes and pianos that fall to you from the sky?

What is meant to be will always be, and you are the captain of your ship, so rest assured the journey will always be beautifully yours. Trust in your journey, trust in the sharp turns, and trust in the flow that shows you when to make them.

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