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Message of the Day - 1.12.2022

Fear is insidious and hides behind many strange doors we'd never suspect.

I recently heard someone refer to the ego as Mr. Stupid, and I thought it was quite sympathique. If it helps to impersonate the conscious mind that convinces you it knows everything and makes you believe your thoughts are who you are, then Mr. Stupid would be the name. In the face of fear, Mr. Stupid often falls victim and wants you to fold to other people's scripts in society.

The thing about Fear is that it has no power or control over you unless you believe in it and create it yourself. The beach is full of sand, but the sandcastle is there only when you make it. If you don't believe in something, that thing has no power over you, so let it go. You don't want to believe black cats crossing the street cause misfortune? Then don't! I once had a black cat, and she was always crossing our street. I am happy to report she was a wonderful cat and life continues to be a blessing.

No one is injecting misery into your life unless you yourself do so by creating it or allowing it in, fear is an illusion that is part of the scripts we have made up in society and is meant to exist for entertainment purposes only. Like a good thriller on a Thursday night.

We always have free will though, we are so free that we can believe in fear and shackles of control if we want to. We can scare ourselves to death if we want to, we can do anything! But keep in mind that no one is doing anything to you, you are doing it all to yourself. The very thing you are afraid of, you create, and the thing you create that you are most afraid of is the very thing you will eventually have to face and conquer.

We came to Earth to learn emotions and face limitations, to explore the ways to embrace and experience everyday challenges but not to be bogged down by them permanently! That is not the way it is meant to be. We are meant to pass these tests, to overcome the trickster state of fear, lack, of powerlessness to the situations that surround us. At the end of it all, what will you have learned? Whatever you believe, that will be true so choose carefully. Do not spend your time fearing undesirable outcomes, suspicious scenarios and unpleasant feelings when multiple, infinitely more incredible possibilities exist.

The only real thing is Love. Love your life, love your challenges, love Yourself enough to reframe or dismiss what does not empower you to find growth.

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