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It's never too late to get back on the truth track

Always remember, you are the train and you are the track. You also get to choose your destination, the surrounding environment, and the people you let on board with you.

Lessons happen cyclically, like walking on a spiral staircase, each circle narrows closer and closer as you walk down, so the distance of recovery between one lesson and another shortens. In this way, repeated lessons take marginal amounts of time to relive and generally speaking, with each one passed, the next one comes faster.

When you learn your lessons faster, inevitably you'll attract more stimulating challenges so that you can continuously accelerate your growth path. This can be discomforting if you had planned on coasting through life on a rubber tube down the proverbial river, but should that be your vision, that can certainly be so even while you continue living and learning lessons.

Lessons are here to teach us a variety of things. They can come to help reaffirm who we are, asking that we assert ourselves once more on what we don't want so we get quicker at it, and more efficient at life. They can come to show us something surprising, scary and unexpected that we never knew needed to be aware of! To teach us how brave we can be in the moment. They can also come in the form of anything that wasn't love in a situation we had hoped would turn out much differently than it did. In all cases, better to go for it and get a lesson than to sit still and fear a mistake.

When these lessons, humbling moments, teachings, clarifications, blocks in our path show up, we must choose the path that is most truthful to us. Whether it is simple or difficult, especially if it is difficult, we must choose the path of truth at all costs. There are varying degrees of consequences for not choosing the path of truth and least resistance, for example you can choose to stubbornly wait in the in the wrong traffic lane and miss out on getting home a little sooner, or you can choose to marry the wrong person and live a miserable life that ends in a bitter divorce with possibly 50% of your assets. It's on you! But each little decision made in truth that is unafraid of receiving a lesson will reward you in immeasurable ways when it comes to the big picture of life.

When you can identify, process and neutralize the lessons that come your way, then you get it. Then everything stops being a coincidence and turns into an interconnected place of attraction and reaction. Then people and things have no power over you because no matter what happens you are using it to better yourself and your own decisions in the future.

Don't be afraid to hop on board that train of truth. You may backtrack a bit, but it will always lead you to the only destination that is worth reaching. Your own!

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