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Energy 101 Class

Let's talk about Energy.

I should remind you that everything I say in no way should you accept as truth unless it resonates with you... in which case it is your opinion too!

You may have heard people say or observed for yourself when you walked into a room, that the energy in a particular place was really good, and light or not so good, dense and dark... what does this mean exactly?

We start with the supposition that everything is energy. We are made of energy and so is the material matter and non-material around us. Things are constantly in motion and vibrating even though we cannot see and because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, all we can do is move it and transform it.

Some can see energy, but if you can't, it's okay too. What matters is to develop a feeling for it because it will give you the intuition you need to stay in or get out of situations that may or may not be in the flow for you.

Say you've spent all day with many people exchanging conversation, shaking hands at an event, you may notice some people are uplifting, some are neutral, and others drag you down. It's not even about what they are saying, though some who are carrying low vibrations will probably say things like, Life is meant to be hard, my partner is a nag, why should anything work out? Or they may feel that others are out to get them, that they cannot trust, things like this. These people are not bad people, but they are caught in some really low energy flows.

Imagine each of those people are carrying a field of energy that matches the vibe they are making you feel, give it a color and a texture. Example, the light uplifting person may have a stream of glittering gold and white light emanating from them, the neutral people have a nice orange and blue velvety glow, and the debbie-downers have a darker hue of smoky pollution.

When you interact with each of these people, fragments of their energy can get attached to you. If you are vulnerable, more sensitive, perhaps their energy could get to you more and suddenly you notice during the day that you are irritable, angry, frustrated, blocked. You may attract bad traffic, or train delays into your life. I don't know. And if you are open to understanding that in life everything is happening for you and not to you, you would notice that this particular moment is energy related and all it requires is a bit of a transmutational shift.

Most of the time, let's be honest we don't think about these things and more or less our personal vibes will bring everything back to our personal normal. But what can you do in extreme situations such as the one above where someone's darker juju feels stuck to you? Breathe in deep, breathe it out. Imagine blowing it away from yourself. Cleanse yourself with sage or palo santo or light a candle at your house. Anything you remove and push away, release it back to the Universe, and make sure to replace with good, with love, or white light or something that you personally find positive. You can do a meditation. A body scan, specifically, or something super out there like a Supernatural Energetic Transmutational Joe Dispenza YouTube thing, whatever you feel.

Similarly, when we have people over our home, they bring their energy with them. For better or worse. Perhaps they have a stressful situation, or they are involved in a toxic dynamic, or they could be doing great but holding in the energy of their parents' stress or something to this effect. Some of their energy could get stuck in the house so all you need to do is cleanse it out if you feel it.

What's important to note is, when something feels off in you, even in your own house, for example maybe you are not feeling motivated, on edge, nervous at work, feeling unlike yourself, it could be that your energy needs a tune up. And do not feel that anyone is to blame, it's mostly unawareness, just recognize it's there and fix it. There is no such thing as evil energy and bad spirits. Don't buy into it. Just stagnant, low vibrational frequencies which you yourself have the ability to transform.

The more you learn to pick up and understand these concepts, the more you will also understand how to protect yourself and keep the energy you have, centered within you. You will understand how not to absorb other people's energies into your field, and learn a new, old trick on how to can carry out your day living in your own protected vibes, and good mood. Once you get this, you will spread your good energy around too just by existing and attracting excellent situations. Understanding when to flow towards them and expanding on such opportunities. Be open to pivoting and changing freely as you will always be supported by good energy. Understand it, maintain it and protect it.

Et voilà. We have completed the first class on Energy.

I hope this has been helpful to anyone just starting out getting to know how Energy works. Energy is a big topic and it's a bit ineffable, so it is for you to build your own relationship with its intuitive properties.

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