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When your wings feel broken, and every thought in your mind seems to be fighting against you, remember who you are and what you are here for.

Judgment comes from a place of pain. Limitation. When we judge ourselves for not being worthy, deserving then we keep ourselves trapped inside of those parts of us that are asking to be expressed.

Maybe you tried harder where others would have given up, and dared to see love in places where others turned their glances. This is all proof of your extraordinary light to shine onto this world, and fertilizer for the beautiful garden of blessings that is yours to claim.

The sooner you let go of what is not coming to you with ease, that which is not bringing you closer to your destiny and joy and loving satisfaction, the quicker your Universal entourage can rearrage things for you. Trust in this. Things happen in accordance to a greater plan, but you must align to it with the right frequency, one where you recognize your worthiness.

Hoping and wanting for something is one of the worst ways to use our energy because when wanting something it is sending a message of lack, and that we are incomplete without it.

So, take your power back! Celebrate and feel complete inside that you always have your strength. Do not regret your ability to love and to trust, and to have put yourself out there, be grateful for it. It was all for a purpose, to help you learn and grow. Love every part of you that came to be. And never be afraid to keep wearing that same heart on your sleeve that brought you here, over and over, because your love was never the problem, it was the solution.

If something has blocked your way, and you feel that you have no control over it, you do. If something is sucking the life force out of you, learn to set boundaries, or let go of that situation, say no. It's trying to teach you something, everything changes when you take perspective from your own inner truth.

Step by step; you will rise.

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