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Discover a Love That Begins Within: Learn the Secrets of "A New Banana" this Valentine's Day!

Lara recently got very excited about meeting Mark. He has a great job, a kind way of showing his charisma, and seems to be a truly sincere individual. They go on a couple of dates and suddenly his communication patterns begin to change. 

She finds a video that promises exactly the right reactions and things she could say to him in order to get him to change his tune, then he will be attracted to her again and all her problems will be solved.


Until the next moment she falls out of character and chooses to be herself.


In a world filled with dating apps, relationship advice videos, and well-meaning friends and strangers offering unsolicited tips, it's easy to get lost in the noise. We've all been there – the anxiety of not finding the right person, the pressure to conform to societal expectations, and the constant fear of making the wrong choices in love.

But what if the secret to true love wasn't in someone else? What if the answers were within you, waiting to be discovered?

What if every time something happened in your dating life that went against your expectations for finding love became the most exciting thing EVER, because you knew how to use it to better yourself? Learn about yourself!

Each tiny mishap is a treasure of information to help you understand a new combo to your lock. And I will share some of these tips later below so you can...


Learn how to identify and LOVE new parts of yourself EVEN more!

That is what falling in love feels like. It's REAL and NUANCED and completely an INNER JOURNEY before it becomes an OUTER ONE.

How much easier is it to recognize LOVE once you find it in yourself?


My name is Alessandra, and I've been on the same journey you're on right now. The search for love led me to unexpected places, and through it all, I discovered the transformative power of self-love and understanding.

In my book, "A New Banana," I unravel the myths surrounding modern dating, challenge conventional wisdom, and guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself. This isn't just another dating guide; it's a journey inward, where you'll find the keys to unlock a love that's genuine and fulfilling.

A FULL panoramic view of what it means to be in a RELATIONSHIP with yourself and OTHERS.

  • 🍌 Fresh Perspective: Learn to see dating and relationships from a new angle, breaking free from the conventional norms that may be holding you back.

  • 🧘‍♀️ Self-Discovery: Uncover the beauty of self-love and self-awareness, realizing that the best partner you can have is the one you find within.

  • 🎉 Real-Life Strategies: Practical, actionable advice that goes beyond clichés, helping you navigate the intricacies of modern love with confidence.





Your journey to a more meaningful love life begins now. Grab your copy of "A New Banana" and embark on a transformational adventure.


But that's not all – for those seeking personalized guidance, I offer mini-courses and one-on-one consultations tailored to your unique journey.

For this week only, you can buy your copy of "A New Banana" at $4.99, the price of a coffee, *not even a glass of wine*.




What are the top 5 markers that something that isn't working out, is actually working in your favor?


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